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Running Websites:
Cool Running
Runner’s World
Running Times
Running in the USA/Birmingham

Biking Websites:
Birmingham Bike Club

Outdoors Websites:
Outdoor gear and clothing
Outdoor events

Alternative Options for Exercise:
Swing Dancing

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
Target Heart Rate (THR) Calculator
Activity Calorie Calculator
Healthy Body Calculator
Smoking Costs
Number of minutes to lose one pound
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Life Expectancy Calculator
Ideal Weight Calculator
Fast Food Calculator
Optimum Weight Calculator

Nutrition and Health Information:
Nutrition Action Health Newsletter
FitDay (online diet and exercise journal)
Daily Exercise Suggestions

Exercise and Obesity Research:
The Obesity Society
American College of Sports Medicine
American Diabetes Association
Centers for Disease Control
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
The Cooper (Aerobics) Institute

Public Service:
Jacqui Saburido’s Story

Google Map Pedometer
Common Length and Distance Conversions
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