Activity Tracking

As a student in either KIN133 or EPI222/KIN222, you have access to your very own account for logging all your exercise through our online activity logging page. The exercise logging program will track your overall activity! Here’s how to get started:



Exercise Logging Steps

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the course for which you are enrolled.  Note that students taking KIN222/EPI222 can choose to participate in the TIGER Study as either a control (measurements only) or exercise (measurements plus workouts) subject.  KIN222/EPI222 students may also choose not to participate in the TIGER Study
  3. FOR EXERCISERS: Enter your TIGER Exercise ID (EXID8####) – this is the number on the back of your Campus Card.
  4. FOR KIN222/EPI222 EXERCISERS AND NON-EXERCISERS: Enter your Student ID (B########).
  5. Select the week for which you are entering activity.
  6. For each activity you performed both in class and out of class, record the day of the week, type of activity, duration of the activity, intensity, time of day your performed the activity, and miles (if applicable).
  7. After completely entering all activities, hit DONE and you are finished for that logging session.
  8. Activities should be logged at least once each week.
  9. Logging for a given week will be closed two weeks following the week ending date.
  10. If you need to log additional activities for a given week (i.e., you have more than 10 activities to log), just log off and log on again.

*Please let us know if you regularly perform an activity that is not in the activity list so we can add it to the drop-down menu.

For assistance with the Activity Tracking program, please contact